The Best Practices Show

Episode #311: 6 Steps to Time Blocking and Strategic Scheduling with Christina Byrne

December 12, 2019

Today’s Episode:

Being a dentist is one of the greatest jobs in the US, but it’s up to you as the dentist and practice owner to make sure that you schedule your work in a way that brings you joy, time, and money. Lead practice coach Christina Byrne is here to share six steps to creating a schedule that fits your work into your life and not the other way around. Proper scheduling can make everyone happier and more productive in the right ways. 

Christina has been involved with dentistry since 1985. As she puts it, she has sat in every chair. She’s been an assistant, worked the front office, and is a hygienist. She is also strategic in helping dentists build better practices that lead to more money and better lives. She shares her tips for time blocking or what she calls strategic scheduling. This strategy can help utilize assistants, staff, operatories, and the dentist's time in a way that makes the practice better for everyone involved including your patients. 

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