Episode #100 - Simplifying the HIPAA Hype with Elizabeth Anderson-Certified HIPAA Professional of Rhinogram

November 13, 2017

One of the most difficult issues that dentists have to deal with is the HIPAA concept. Today, I have Elizabeth Anderson a certified HIPAA expert here to explain the ins and outs of HIPAA and answer the difficult questions you may have. Elizabeth is part of the team at Rhinogram a company that is trying to revolutionize communication in health care. They offer instant text, email, and social media communication that is HIPAA compliant. 

HIPAA can seem like a difficult topic, but Elizabeth does her best to try and make it simple and even fun. In this episode, she explains how HIPAA was created in 1976 to help protect and safeguard patient information. She also shares how the needs and requirements of current HIPAA standards have changed and what health care professionals like dental offices need to know to be in compliance.  


You can find Elizabeth here: 


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Episode #99 - The Critical Elements to Understanding 3 Important Agreements - Independent Contractor, Partnerships, and Employment Agreements with David S. Cohen, Esq

November 6, 2017

David S. Cohen is an attorney who specializes in helping dentists from a business law perspective. He gets calls about malpractice claims and such, but he focuses on the business side of dentistry. Things like drafting and reviewing associate documentation, partnership documentation, and the documents for buying, purchasing, and selling. Plus real estate related documentation for dental practices. He owns Cohen Law Firm which specializes in these areas and helps clients all over the country.


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Episode #98 - Sequencing Treatment for Patient Success with Dr. Andrew Cobb

October 9, 2017

Dr. Drew Cobb from The Dawson Academy joins me to talk about patient obstacles and barriers to treatment. We often think price is the only barrier that patients have when it comes to treatment, but sometimes there are variables that we can’t see.

Episode #96 - 9 Options to Treating the Most Difficult Patient in Dentistry with Dr. Bill Robbins

September 12, 2017

The wear patient can often be the most difficult patient in all of dentistry. In this fantastic episode Dr. Bill Robbins explains the 9 treatment options to treating these difficult cases. Developed over years of experience, Dr. Robbins has formulated a very simple decision tree that includes only a YES or a NO to decide the best treatment option.   For more information about Dr. Robbins or his amazing book, Global Diagnosis please visit his website.

Episode #95 - The Best Tools for Screening with Dr. Jeff Rouse

September 12, 2017

Upper Airway resistance has become a very large focus in dentistry and sweeping the landscape of great dental education. In this fantastic Facebook Live episode Dr. Jeff Rouse explains why the newest airway screening tools are critical for your future as a restorative dentist and how you can best utilize them on a daily basis. He also clearly differentiates between “Discovery” and “Diagnosis” when it comes to airway challenges dentists see with dental patients. He shares his favorite tools and the misconceptions around some other tools you might see in the marketplace. Not everyone needs a sleep study when discovering airway challenges. There are many more considerations and he shares his thoughts on those. Only one third of all patients actually need to see a sleep physician and Dr. Rouse explains why. Spear Education recently changed the four pillars of diagnosis into five pillars of diagnosis. Watch this amazing episode and see how the entire game of diagnostic Dentistry has changed this year compared to the previous 35 years.