Episode #108 - How Dentists are Saving Lives Not Just Cleaning Teeth with Dr. Amy Doneen

January 8, 2018

Dr. Amy Doneen runs The Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center in Spokane, WA. She has academic appointments at the Washington State University School of Medicine  and University of Kentucky Dental School. She is also the author of Beat the Heart Attack Gene. We have had her on the show before, and it was so much fun we ran out of time. She is brilliant, and you will see how everything from medicine to dental ties together in this show.

We talk about the connection between cardiovascular health and periodontal and endodontal health. Dr. Amy Doneen is extremely passionate about this subject and has the goal of knocking heart attack off the top of the list as the number one cause of death in the US by 2020. She emphasizes the importance of dental and medical practitioners working together and offers practical solutions.


You can find Amy here:

The Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center

Beat the Heart Attack Gene

Bale Doneen Method

Dr. Amy Doneen on LinkedIn


Show Notes

[02:31] How Beat the Heart Attack Gene is written for everyone from patients to doctors. This book will actually have patients wanting to come to the office more often once they realize how important dental health is for stroke and heart attack prevention.

[02:57] Heart attacks and strokes are claiming lives at alarming rates. Our passion is to remove heart attacks as the number one cause of death by 2020. This would be impossible without the help of our dental colleagues.

[04:04] We are passionate about nurses, doctors, and dentists talking to each other and realizing that this is connected to the entire body.

[04:35] The high risk of periodontal pathogens and how they affect the heart health. Patients are left vulnerable if you ignore what is going on in the mouth.

[05:45] No one spends more time proactively with human beings. This is an incredible dental opportunity to slow things down and make an impact to the people to you serve.

[06:34] How the medical system is broken because it picks people up after they have already failed or had a heart attack or stroke.

[07:05] People slowly develop plaque in the wall of the artery. The bodies natural response is to heal it with a scab. If the scab blocks the flow of blood it is a heart attack in the heart or a stroke in the brain. We look at the causal effects of vascular disease including periodontal pathogens.

[08:31] There are many causes of heart disease, but periodontal and endodontic problems are major causes. Dentists and hygienists deserve huge praise in the world of cardiovascular health.

[09:42] Read the literature and become your own expert. Make this a conversation instead of a challenging topic. The gum line and the roots of the teeth can cause heart attacks or plaque development.

[11:02] The Dental Endorsement Package which allows dentists to use Dr. Doneen's branding to endorse dentists that do their method.

[11:48] They provide endorsed dentists with packets and brochures to educate their patients.

[12:13] Finding a medical provider that is aligned with understanding inflammation as it pertains to cardiovascular health.

[13:22] The Preceptorship program is a 17 hour course that goes over what causes heart disease and all of the tools and treatments available to manage it. This course brings everyone up to a new level of understanding. The method is proven.

[14:57] Periodontal disease is a medical problem with a dental solution.

[15:16] Inflammation and genetics in precision health care.

[16:05] Having precision responses to pathogens based on individual genetics. How genetics are one of the most affordable tests that we can do.

[17:12] Genetic tests that give plausible health information.

[19:25] The importance of dentists and hygienists and embracing dental colleagues. Dentists should promote their focus on systemic health.

[20:43] Instead of giving floss and brushes give pedometers and think bigger.

Links and Resources:

Peer-reviewed BaleDoneen Study Published in Postgraduate Medical Journal (PMJ)

Dental Endorsement Package

The BaleDoneen Preceptorship Course

Episode #107 - The Secrets of the Next Generation of Interdisciplinary Teams

January 1, 2018

Dr. Jeff Rouse is one of the best speakers on the planet when it comes to great restorative and interdisciplinary care. Dr. Jeff Rouse is a prosthodontist who maintains two private practices which include Rouse Signature Dentistry in San Antonio, TX and  Spears Aesthetics in Seattle, WA. He is also a faculty member at Spear Education where he is a prosthodontist and expert at interdisciplinary treatment and airway management.

We talk about how to have an internal and external team when creating an interdisciplinary practice. We talk about how much responsibility to give team members and how to find and hire the best. It takes time to build a great team, and getting a way to communicate across disciplines can always be a challenge. The future of dentistry is about great health for patients and great education opportunities for practitioners and patients.


You can find Jeff here:

Spears Aesthetics

Spear Education

Rouse Signature Dentistry


Show Notes

[02:20] Jeff is a prosthodontist with two practices.

[02:32] The uniqueness of his practice is that he started looking into what was causing issues that he was seeing at the office. He started looking into airways and taking it beyond sleep apnea.

[03:09] I have formed two different interdisciplinary teams to continue to build upon what I have done. Now that team has to grow in order to satisfy the requirements of doing quality restorative care.

[04:11] How important is it to have a great time.

[04:30] Adding airway to traditional restorative dentistry can't be done without a team.

[06:03] Since 1990, he has had in practice in San Antonio, TX. In 2008, he formed his team to deal with airway in restorative patients. His Seattle team formed quickly.

[06:57] Each community is going to have strengths and weaknesses.

[07:38] He has great medical facilities and teaching facilities with incredible support from the communities in both areas.

[08:18] Outside office support. Orthodontic support for all ages and surgical cases.

[10:26] He works with multiple orthodontist in San Antonio.

[10:46] A sleep physician for adults and one for kids. You also need different labs for kids and adults.

[12:14] How sleep labs aren't a regular nights sleep, plus the studies are biased to make patients look normal.

[12:48] ENT are important, but you have to find the right one or multiple ENTs who will do what you need.

[14:41] Myofunctional therapist who works on tongue poster etc.  

[16:15] Practicing dentistry at a high level, and you have to have an interdisciplinary team.

[17:13] Finding people to find things you don't want to do. The new interdisciplinary team will soon be the norm. This is the future and it needs to be accepted. Ask around to find people you my trust and go meet them.

[18:46] It's very rare that physicians aren't interested in participating.

[19:31] Your hygienists can also be your myofunctional therapist.

[20:21] Using social media to use this as a marketing practice. Promoting a practice as a health based practice.

[21:49] Internal team. There is a price to be paid when learning anything new. Train a staff member to do this. Dental assistants are a great option to work through the protocols for data gathering.

[24:24] Find the right person and hand it off.

[24:42] Recording your training on online videos to knock out the new training.

[25:21] Communication issues. Letters and emails are kind of old school, but they work for Jeff. ENTs communicate through treatment plan notes or a protocol that they are comfortable with.

[27:12] The Mayo Clinic is interdisciplinary where all of the pieces need to connect.

[30:12] Going into the world of medicine to get a sleep appliance. Try to stay out of medicine when you can, but you will need to go there and bill through medicine from time to time. Hire a billing service.

[31:45] His front desk has an interdisciplinary system of monitoring the patient to see where they are in the process. They also review each case for a half hour each week.

[32:39] Have really smart front desk people who are also good with people.

[34:25] Having an internal people person with warm and fuzzy, but who are still competent and analytical. The best people have stories.

[36:37] Asking people their stories when interviewing.

[37:01] How much do you let your assistants do.

[37:24] Jeff does things he does with his hands. He is the only one who does it. He only does the airway interview and exam.

[43:33] Having monitors and apps to monitor sleep.

[45:46] Having an internal or external lab tech. The price of the appliance depends on the purpose of the appliance.

[47:56] Craziest team member. Actually, Jeff has the craziest patients because he doesn't fire them. Jeff has had bad staff members, but was never afraid to part ways.

[54:13] Joined and joint health is getting more combined. Disc location affects airways and oral surgeons will be having larger roles. Send people to the right person or oral surgeon.

[57:21] How this is an exciting time in dentistry. Now it is time to make people healthy. Dentistry is the number one profession in the United States.


Links and Resources:

Christian Coachman


Spear Dental Seminars

Spear Dental Workshops

Spear Online Education Use Code: BPS167

Spears Aesthetics

Spear Education

Rouse Signature Dentistry

Episode #106 - The Keys to a Successful Career in Dentistry with Dr. Robert Margeas

December 25, 2017

Dr. Robert Margeas is known as “the Dentist’s Dentist”. He has a private practice in Des Moines, Ia, and he is a good friend of mine. He is a speaker and a lecturer who I met years ago at the Seattle Study Club. He values education and had 500 CE hours in his first five years of being a practicing dentist.

We talk about keys to being a successful dentist. Robert shares the importance of education, being true to yourself, and being honest and authentic with his patients. He shares great tips for running an office the right way with an empowered team and great office culture. He also gives tips for young dentists who want to be their own bosses and his insights into the future of dentistry.

You can find Dr. Robert Margeas here:

Iowa Dental Group



Show Notes


[02:38] Dr. Margeas is a practicing dentist in Des Moines, Ia. His wife practices in Michigan. He is impressed with all his wife does to run a family and a practice. Dr. Margeas got married at 53, so he has a whole new appreciation for everything that his wife does.

[03:18] He is happy to share what he has learned over the years.

[03:51] Robert practices in the capital of Iowa, and people want to use insurance. He has an insurance based practice inside the cosmetic and restorative practice.

[04:36] Why is it important to define success. Success isn't always money.

[05:49] More dentists are signing up for corporate dentistry because they have bills to pay.

[06:55] How Robert was working as an associate at a dental clinic that was open 7 days a week. He had to work 12 days on before getting a day off. He spent his money wisely and focused on education.

[08:02] It was his priority to learn as much as he could. He made a commitment to CE. He had over 500 hours his first 5 years. He spent the money to learn things like veneers and restorative cases.

[09:04] The importance of finding a mentor. Spending money on CE is one of the most valuable things that he has done.

[10:53] It's more important to find a way to take the courses even if you have to borrow more.

[12:38] The importance of being around like minded dentists.

[13:18] Being in competition with yourself to be the best. Searching out and finding people that you want to emulate. You have to be proactive about finding a mentor.  

[16:45] How efficiency is key. Visualize where you want the end to be and be a machine and get it done. Practice to do it fast.

[18:47] Learning what you like and don't like.

[19:06] Being competent and not just doing it for just the money.

[22:53] Building the right team. Hiring based on personality and ability to communicate. Cross train your staff and don't micromanage.

[25:18] Going survivor mode. Somebody is getting voted off of the island. Straighten it out or someone is getting fired.

[26:16] Not having job descriptions, but always knowing their expectations. The staff knows that they have stuff to do no matter what. There is no office downtime.

[27:18] Robert's staff has been with him for years and he offers a great compensation plan. They are free agents, but it is his expectation for them to stay in the contract for the full year. He doesn't want staff that isn't happy.

[29:54] Attracting the right kind of patients. When buying a practice, you are buying the patients not the building or equipment. Nurturing great patients who will refer their friends.

[31:46] Having a good reputation is more important than money.

[32:18] 67% of his patients have Delta Dental. It's a cost of doing business. He has lost patients over $10.

[33:37] Always offer the best treatment and don't be offended if patients can't afford it.

[35:43] Being efficient in the three days that you are working. Patients will come to you if they value as a dentist.

[36:46] Dentistry is a tough business. You need down time to decompress.

[37:12] Finding the right lab. Automation is making things much easier because of the machinery. He picks by price, quality, and time. He works with a local lab in the community that you can grow with.

[38:26] Lab trends are going digital and getting automated. How Glidewell is setting lab fees.

[40:15] You may not need all of the fancy equipment at the beginning.

[41:18] Buy dental equipment that you are going to use.

[42:24] The importance of having a study club and being surrounded by the right professionals.

[45:25] Buying a practice is one of the best ways to build business. Profitability goes up when you produce and collect more with the same people.

[47:36] Making profit from an associate and not having them buying in and being a partner.

[51:03] Figuring out who you are and building a business to support that.

[51:37] Get as much education as you can. Learn all you can from another dentist, and then find someone to buy out.

[52:35] The importance of taking care of yourself. Dentistry requires a good support system. Rolfing and massage are very helpful. Dentistry is hard work, you need an exercise plan and to take care of yourself. When you work three days a week you can do it a long time.

[55:06] Future of dentistry. Less private practice and more corporate.

[56:12] If you learn the right techniques, you can be an entrepreneur.


Links and Resources:

Seattle Study Club

Kois Center

Ritter and Ramsey

Catch the Composite Wave: and Surf Its Potential!

Iowa Dental Group


Episode #105 - Coachman and Kois Live Planning

December 18, 2017

The Kois and the Coachman team are some of the most brilliant minds in dentistry and they are live for the first time on today’s show. This is a treatment planning session that you do not want to miss. John C. Kois, D.M.D., M.S.D. is the director of the Kois Center. Dr. Dean E. Kois D.M.D., M.S.D. is a faculty member at the Kois Center, and he maintains a private practice. He will be the surgeon in this planning session.

Dr. Christian Coachman is a frequent guest on this show and a good friend of mine. He is also the creator of the Digital Smile Design system. Dr. Francis Coachman is the Director of the DSD Planning Center and a great dentist. They are all here today, to show us how planning and treatment all come together by creating the best plan.  

You can find Coachman and Kois here:

Digital Smile Design

DSD Planning Center Director Dr. Francis Coachman

Dr. Francis Coachman

Dr. Christian Coachman on Facebook

Dr. Christian Coachman on Twitter @c_coachman

Well Clinic

Digital Smile Design on Instagram

DSD Magazine

DSD Education

Dr. Dean E. Kois

John C. Kois, D.M.D., M.S.D.

John C. Kois

Kois Center

Episode #104 - Q&A DSD and Invisalign with Dr. Christian Coachman

December 11, 2017

Dr. Christian Coachman is here, and we are going to talk about the DSD workflow and how it is impacting orthodontics. This is also a special question and answer session. As most of you know Dr. Coachman has been a guest on previous episodes. He is one of those people that is all over the place. Today, he is in Sao Paulo, Brazil where his family has a 168 year tradition of practicing dentistry over six generations.


Dr. Coachman is the creator and developer of Digital Smile Design. DSD is influencing a lot of the popular CE sectors in dentistry. There is so much talk about the DSD revolution. Tonight, we talk about the impact on the orthodontic workflow. Dr. Coachman shares how digital design is creating a holistic plan and workflow that begins and ends with the face. This is leading to multiple disciplines becoming integrated. He also shares how DSD and Invisalign are partnering to create beautiful smiles.


You can find Christian here:

Digital Smile Design

Dr. Christian Coachman on Facebook

Dr. Christian Coachman on Twitter @c_coachman

Well Clinic

Digital Smile Design on Instagram

DSD Magazine

DSD Education

Episode #103 - A New Look at the Link Between the Oral Systemic Connection and Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention

December 4, 2017

One of the hottest books in all of dentistry is Beat the Heart Attack Gene. If you haven’t read it, you should pick it up. I have one of the authors Dr. Amy Doneen on the show today. I had the other author Dr. Bradley Bale on a previous episode. Dr. Amy Doneen co-founded the Bale Doneen Method and is the owner and medical director of The Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center.

We talk about the connection between dental and periodontal health and heart attack and stroke. Dr. Doneen and Dr. Bale are trying to get the word out about this important connection and create awareness for all medical professionals. The root cause of vascular inflammation needs to be addressed when treating cardiovascular health, and silent periodontal pathogens could be driving this inflammation.


You can find Amy here:

The Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center

Beat the Heart Attack Gene

Bale Doneen Method

Episode #102 - The Key to Predictability in Full Arch Prostheses with Dr. Kimberley Daxon

November 27, 2017

Long term predictability is such an important factor in the implant process. I talk with one of the world’s experts Dr. Kimberley Daxon from the Dawson Academy about the keys for long term predictability. I am a huge fan of the Dawson Academy. Dr. Peter Dawson was a big influence in my life as far as education goes. It’s been a great honor to have so many of the faculty members on my show.

Dr. Kim Daxon is one of the senior faculty members at the Dawson Academy, and she also teaches a lot of the team courses for hygienists and assistants. Kim is a prosthodontist and has a practice in St. Petersburg FL. She believes the importance of tooth placement can’t be overemphasized and helps to teach new students about proper placement for appearance, speech, and function.

You can find Kim here:

Daxon Dentistry

Daxon Dentistry Facebook

Daxon Dentistry Twitter


Episode #101 - Four Game Changing Elements of Digital Smile Design with Dr. Christian Coachman

November 20, 2017

If you are interested in getting better at restorative dentistry, this show is for you. The man behind Digital Smile Design, and one of the biggest influencers in all of dentistry Dr. Christian Coachman is here. We are going to talk about the four game-changing elements of digital smile design. It is such an honor to have Christian on the show again. He is one of those people who is everywhere changing dentistry and changing patients lives. 

Dr. Christian Coachman is from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is a dentist and a technician, but he has spent twenty years as a ceramist building teeth. Ten years ago he developed the digital smile design concept to bring technology into the process of generating confident smiles. DSD is all over the world. They organize education, courses, product development, and marketing strategies to help dentists achieve freedom through a more successful professional life. 


You can find Christian here: 

Digital Smile Design 

Dr. Christian Coachman on Facebook 

Dr. Christian Coachman on Twitter @c_coachman 

Well Clinic 

Digital Smile Design on Instagram 

DSD Magazine 

DSD Education 

Episode #100 - Simplifying the HIPAA Hype with Elizabeth Anderson-Certified HIPAA Professional of Rhinogram

November 13, 2017

One of the most difficult issues that dentists have to deal with is the HIPAA concept. Today, I have Elizabeth Anderson a certified HIPAA expert here to explain the ins and outs of HIPAA and answer the difficult questions you may have. Elizabeth is part of the team at Rhinogram a company that is trying to revolutionize communication in health care. They offer instant text, email, and social media communication that is HIPAA compliant. 

HIPAA can seem like a difficult topic, but Elizabeth does her best to try and make it simple and even fun. In this episode, she explains how HIPAA was created in 1976 to help protect and safeguard patient information. She also shares how the needs and requirements of current HIPAA standards have changed and what health care professionals like dental offices need to know to be in compliance.  


You can find Elizabeth here: 


Rhinogram Blog 

Elizabeth Anderson LinkedIn 


(423) 800-7644 Ext. 706 

Episode #99 - The Critical Elements to Understanding 3 Important Agreements - Independent Contractor, Partnerships, and Employment Agreements with David S. Cohen, Esq

November 6, 2017

David S. Cohen is an attorney who specializes in helping dentists from a business law perspective. He gets calls about malpractice claims and such, but he focuses on the business side of dentistry. Things like drafting and reviewing associate documentation, partnership documentation, and the documents for buying, purchasing, and selling. Plus real estate related documentation for dental practices. He owns Cohen Law Firm which specializes in these areas and helps clients all over the country.


You can find David here:

Cohen Law Firm

David S. Cohen LinkedIn


Cohen Law Firm Facebook

@DCohenLawFirm on Twitter